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As you know, we at the Women in Music Festival have been trying to set a date for the 2020 Student Composition Challenge Concert for over a year.   We sincerely apologise for the lengthy delay.

With ongoing lockdowns impacting our ability to bring our judging panel and musicians together to judge the Student Compositions and perform the winning pieces in concert, we’ve decided to take a different approach.


Option 1 

If possible, we are asking that our Students Composers send us a video performance of the composition. You could play it yourself and/or with friends, or you could ask your teacher/s to play it.   

A video performance of your composition is our preferred option because we could then host your video on our website, and allow audiences to see and listen to your beautiful piece in performance.

If you are able to video a performance of your composition, please send the video to this email address by 5pm, 17 November 2021 AEST. 

Option 2

If Student Composers don’t have access to musicians who can perform your composition, that’s fine. 

Some of you have already sent us an mp3/midi file along with your score. The judging panel can review your piece from the mp3 and score.  

Option 3

The judging panel can review the composition from the score alone.  

ACTION: Please let us know which option you prefer at your convenience.


We ask our Student Composers/parent/guardian to read the updated set of terms and conditions below. And of course, you or your parent/guardian are most welcome to write to us if you have any questions about the changes.

The Judging Panel’s decision will be announced on the Women in Music Festival website on 1 December 2021, with videos posted on the website that same day.

Sending our deepest thanks for your patience, and very best wishes

Monica and Caroline



1. The Women in Music Festival Student Composition Challenge will be judged by a panel using video of a performance of the composition provided by the composer.

2. In the event that the composer does not have access to musicians who can perform the composition, the composition will be judged from an mp3/midi file or the score alone, as requested by the composer.

3. The judging panel’s decision will not be impacted by whether or not the composer is able to provide a video of a performance of the composition.

4. The composer/composer’s caregivers agree that that the Women in Music Festival may use the composer’s composition, name, photograph or video footage for any purpose. All rights, including copyright in such media shall vest in and be owned by the Women in Music Festival in perpetuity.

5. The Women in Music Festival has the right to produce and distribute without limit or payment of any fee, audio and/or video recordings of all compositions in whole or in part.

6. Videos may be recorded with any device, including smartphones, video or digital cameras, etc.
7. Performers may be of any age whether child or adult.

8. The quality of the playing/ recording will not have any bearing on the judging panel’s decision-making process.

9. Performance videos should be uploaded to a secure file-sharing website (Dropbox is preferred). It is the composer’s responsibility to ensure that the Women in Music Festival has permission to view all files. The link for the video must be included in the email sent to, confirming the submission.

10. Any venue, technical or performance costs will be paid for by the composer/composer’s family.

11. Videos should be sent to the Women in Music Festival by 17 November 2021. The Judging Panel’s decision will be announced on the Women in Music Festival website on 1 December 2021.

12. The judging panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Health and safety

If applicable, please practice social distancing in the performance video, according to current regulations in your area. Please use your best judgement and put the health and safety of your ensemble first when recording.


ropes 2

upside down you’re a

circus gypsy a wanderer

on a rope who swings

and sings to herself

knowing an upturned world

makes the proper sense

Patricia Sykes

Published in the collection Wire Dancing by Spinifex Press. Ropes 2 arose out of Patricia's experiences as a performer with The Women’s Circus, a Footscray Community Arts Centre project.

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