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12-4pm  Free events, Media Portal; 7-9pm Concert, Storey Hall

Sunday started with free music, a free chocolate fountain, free cold-pressed juices, free professional photographic head shots, free game play, free exhibitions... not to mention the chance to buy the world's most delicious vegan cupcakes, hand-made cards, pottery, art and so much more!

12.30pm - Angela Clarke, beguiling singer/ songwriter.

1pm - Maize Wallin, Game Play.

2pm - Jessica Wells, film composer: Had you ever wondered what it takes to write a film score? We found out!

2.40pm - Tanja Ackerman, synaesthete artist spoke to: "What is a synaesthete? What is it like to see sound?"


3pm - Photographer in Residence Michelle Myers offered beautiful formal head shots, and is now sending them out all over the world!

4pm - Panel Chat "Why are we still having this conversation?" Our panellists discussed the unlikely situation where - more than 100 years after women received the vote - we are still talking about gender equality and wondered, will this ever change?

Women in Music Festival Concert Two

7-9pm Sunday 10 March 2019

Storey Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne

The second concert opened with a beautiful danced interpretation of Rachel Shields' Yuluwurri Gaayli/Rainbow Child, performed by Kathleen Gonzalez and troupe. Stunning screened images of  Yuluwurri Gaayli/Rainbow Child were accompanied by musician/composer Rachel Shields and Rosie Westbrook.

This piece was followed by Maize Wallin's virtual reality game Noise Drawers. Maize took us deeper into the game with the help of an audience member, showing us more of the marvellous world of sound and music in Games.

Next, Monica Curro (violin) and Stefan Cassomenos (piano) beguiled us with Sally Greenaway's Summer Beckons (2014) and Elena Kats-Chernin's Slicked Back Tango, written in 2002.

This was followed by the Emerging Composer Competition winning piece, Undone. Sarah Elise Thompson set a poem by Stephanie Millett to stunning new music which was sung by soprano Deborah Cheetham AO; and accompanied by Monica Curro and Stefan Cassomenos.

The film component of this concert was a new score for the short film The Telegram Man, written for string quartet and piano by Petra Salsjo and conducted by film composer Jessica Wells, followed by a short excerpt from the winner of Best Music for Feature Film at the 2018 APRA Screen Music Awards, The Butterfly Tree, written by Caitlin Yeo for string quartet and conducted by Jessica Wells.

To close our concert and our Festival, Michelle Nicolle and The Secret World transported us back through the decades, with smoky, sultry, sensual songs, all written by women. Sensational!

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