Maize Wallin

Maize Wallin is a Melbourne based composer, sound designer and audio programmer. Maize's focus is in 3D spatialised audio and dynamic music, using cutting edge techniques. Maize consults in Australia and around the world on these topics, and is heavily engaged in the game development community, and in activism and representation within it.

As well as freelancing working on video games,
Maize consults with development teams and composers who investigating their options in working together, and what knowledge they need. Maize teaches at the Australian Institute of Music, and guest lectures at universities and institutes around Australia.


Dr Helen Stuckey, Program Manager, Bachelor of Design, Games in RMIT's School of Design, recommended Maize to the Festival.  Maize created an amazing virtual reality game for the Festival, which was performed live on stage.   

Other games Maize has worked on include VRTOV's A Thin Black Line (2017), Cosmic Express (2017), Invert (2017), Earthrise One (2016) and Framed (2014).

Maize was recently appointed to the Widget board of directors, representing the field of audio in videogames, and also drawing on their non-binary community.

Maize’s community-focused works include the Game Art Melbourne Exhibition, co-directing Glitchmark's Holograph conference in 2014, musical instrument videogame series, CTRL_Coda, and Encounters by Microsoft Social NUI lab and VCA in 2015.

Maize's work has been shown extensively in prominent Melbourne galleries and museums, such as Arts Centre Melbourne, Fort Delta and the Ian Potter Museum of Art, and in a two month residency in the Vienna Museumquartier.

Text courtesy of Maize's website

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